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Enterprise Architectures (EAs) contain all the internal and external aspects of your organization, including what you do, why you do it, how you do it, and who and what you need to do it.  They not only represent your current state but also allow you to visualize a desirable future state and communicate the rationale for change.

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Sometimes, organizations need technical expertise to perform the analysis of a problem, identify viable solutions, understand the costs, benefits, and risks, and select the best approach.  Often, this evolves into creating the solution domain, showing how the organization’s skills, processes, software, and information flows need to be combined to properly address a specific problem. 

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There is a point in which the "great conversations" and the pretty PowerPoint(TM) decks have to be translated into real actions, which are intended to change how the organization operates.  

Implementing change, however, is difficult, expensive, and risky. Even more so when software is involved. 

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