Your company's motor

Digitize your key processes.

Automate your business without complex code. 

Standardize your execution.

Stop relying on spreadsheets and on people's memory.

Get things done.  

Faster.  Consistently.  Better. 


Decisions Workflow Manager includes a graphical, no-code interface that makes workflow design feel like a whiteboard session. 

Invite your business leaders and subject matter experts to collaborate with developers.  Use Decisions Workflow manager to "draw" the process they envision. End your session with the foundation for great automation!

Accelerate delivery

Need to massage Microsoft Office documents?  Generate or read PDFs?  Connect to external databases?  Generate automated reports? How about connecting to applications like SalesForce? 

Decisions workflow library includes thousands of specialized action steps that can cut your delivery time. ( And yes, you can use Decisions Developer SDK to build your own steps, if you really want to.)


Test and improve as you go. 

The Workflow Manager provides real-time error notifications and robust debugging tools to improve efficiency and eliminate costly mistakes. 

You can even track key metrics to see the business impact of every workflow.

People and Systems required? No problem!

Most workflows today include tasks that must be executed by certain qualified staff while others can be sent to specialized applications. 

Use the Decisions Workflow Manager to trigger both digital and manual actions to reduce workload and accelerate time to value.