User Interactions

Make user experiences memorable

Intelligent forms. Professional reports.  Actionable dashboards.  

Computers, Tablets, Phones.

Decisions lets you have them all

Intuitive forms

Decisions Form Designer gives everyone on your team the ability to build or modify user experiences within the bounds of your business rules and standards. 

Just drag, drop, and launch.

Professional reports

Eliminate the gap between information and action. Decisions can automatically generate visual reports, sourcing and analyzing data from any application or system.

Actionable Dashboards

Making the right choice depends on using the right information. 

Inform your next steps with comprehensive charts and dashboards tailored to any department, role, product, or service line.


Use in your forms business rule created with any of the Decisions Business Rule editors, eliminating the risk of deep-burying key elements of your business logic in the user interfaces.