Integration Engine

Connect anything to anything

You can’t afford data silos in your operation. 

Decisions includes no-code wizards and pre-built modules that connect your entire technology stack. 

Enter, store, and manage data from one place.

Enforce Data Integrity

Consistent data means consistent results. Decisions automatically protects and regulates your data through API services.

Standardize data models

Remove operational barriers so everyone is working with the same information. Decisions synchronizes your databases to improve collaboration across the organization. 

Pull data from anywhere.

Decisions is designed for modern enterprises that use hundreds of services and data sources in their daily operations. Choose from pre-built integrations, no-code wizards, or even our SDK to design your own from scratch.

Share anything you built

Make an API from any workflow, business rule, or report built with Decisions with only a few clicks.  Choose one of the many ways Decisions lets you control security, and expose your APIs to those who need it in a fully controlled manner.