Business Rules

The Decisions Rules Engine can handle any number of business rules with any complexity and depth. 

Effortlessly process millions of multi-variable rules to automate individual processes or revamp your entire operation...

You will never outgrow the power of Decisions! 

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Centralize your business logic

Do you know where your business rules are?  Are they inside your employees’ heads, in spreadsheets, or buried in application interfaces, stored procedures, ETLs, or custom code?  How many are embedded deep into user interfaces?   This is not bad just for audits -  it is a maintenance nightmare!

With Decisions, you can keep your rules in a central place (easy to maintain, easy to audit), customize any rule to fit your specific needs, use a consistent interface to test and validate even the most complex cases, and run them with adaptable conditions and actions. 

Validate accuracy 

With Decisions, QA is not an afterthought.  It is built-in! 

Easily test your business rules to find and fix bugs, pinpoint performance gaps, and enhance efficiency.

Decisions let's you keep all your test cases together with the rule itself. 

The next time you need to make a change, you can not only test what you did but also easily regress the whole without having to remember every possible test case.

Expose your rules to others

Use any of our integration options – like REST APIs, SOAP services, or .NET assemblies – to expose your rules not only to applications built with Decisions, but also to other applications in your technology stack like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.

Control which roles have access to your business rules and, when needed, even expose them to applications that are external to your company!

Choose your weapons

Use our cutting-edge editors to produce rules of arbitrary complexity.  

Although all rules are in essence If-Then-Else statements, we know that deep-nesting multi-variable conditions leads to code that is difficult to maintain at best and error-prone at worst.  

This is why  Decisions has 8 (yes, eight!) rule editors that simplify the creation, testing, and future maintenance of even the most complex situations: 

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