no-code | browser-based | enterprise-class  | software platform

 Automate your processes.    Connect to any data.      Integrate with any application.       Access from anywhere. 

Business Rules

Codify your business logic and share rules with internal and external applications

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Workflow Management

Manage and process the flow of information. Integrate people and systems.

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Process Analytics

Analyze your process. Discover and fix issues. Optimize business execution.

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Integration Engine

Connect applications.  Access SQL and NoSQL databases. Integrate people.

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User Interactions

Create intelligent forms, build robust reports. Visualize with actionable dashboards. 

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Weave AI into your organizations' processes using our exclusive ChatGPT module. 

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Create, debug, manage source, profile, test, deploy, monitor?   

Decisions does it all!   

(Do you really want to keep using so many tools to get things done?      If you answered "no", it's high time to try  Decisions. )