The problem

Sometimes, organizations need technical expertise to perform the analysis of a problem, identify viable solutions, understand the costs, benefits, and risks, and select the best approach.  Often, this evolves into creating the solution domain, showing how the organization’s skills, processes, software, and information flows need to be combined to to properly address a specific problem. 

Other times, organizations need a different type of expertise, the one required to create and “sell” the business case, and more importantly, to build the consensus required for successful implementations.

And in many other occasions, organizations need external support to plan their strategy, capturing the current state and putting together the roadmap required to start or to improve their internal capabilities to achieve the desired end state. 

Our approach

Libra is all about achieving that delicate balance between designing your IT strategy, implementing the required changes and operating your environment thereafter.

We are a boutique management consultancy with a twist:  When you engage our professional services to help you with your redesign challenges (e.g., Strategic Planning, Enterprise Architecture, Governance, or Solution Design), we deliver them using not only our experience in those areas but also our deep background in managing and delivering complex programs and in running IT operations.  This ensures that our outcomes go beyond theory and are strongly connected to the daily realities of your organization.

Libra offers the expertise of management consultants with senior leadership in large organizations, PMs with experience delivering large and complex projects, and senior IT Architects with strong exposure to multiple industries. 

Strategic Planning

Build the strategy for your company or for an individual organizational unit using our facilitated multi-step approach.  

Position your organization for success using our highly interactive sessions that engage and challenge the main stakeholders required to formulate and refine your strategy. From external drivers to the agreed change agenda with the initiatives that will build your strategic capabilities for success, we cover it all.   We will also help you prepare and deliver the communication packages tailored to the different audiences in your organization.

Our process creates a better common understanding of everyone's needs and results in a high degree of organizational alignment.

Enterprise Architecture

These consulting services are intended to create or improve the Enterprise Architecture management capabilities of the organization and complement our EAR Management services described here.

Enterprise Architecture, when properly executed, allows an organization to more effectively communicate direction, manage vendors, plan investments, make decisions and use projects to build a desired end state one block at a time.  

Libra's approach focuses the Enterprise Architecture practices to enable agility, reduce operating costs, increase customer satisfaction, and accelerate innovation in your organization.

We help you capture, represent and communicate the Current and the Target states or your Business, Information, Applications, and Technology Architectures and, more importantly, the required Roadmaps to move from one state to the other.  


Although often seen as a corporate burden, we see Governance as a hidden gem that when properly sized and deployed can add significant value to your business.

With our approach, you can transform Governance into the set of tools that  helps you answer these four questions in the affirmative: 

Use Libra's experience to Initiate, Implement, or Improve your Governance processes in  these four areas

Solution Design

Irrespective of the project delivery methodology, solution design remains a key element of success.

Our methodology performs requisite Process Optimization Analysis to identify, among other things, key aspects of Business Processes, Locations, People and Events, which are in turn used to define Information Structures, Information States and Information Flows. 

This paves the way for the proper capture of functional and non-functional requirements that will be referenced during the construction and testing stages or during the different sprints.

Libra then guides the definition of the optimal relationship between Processes, Applications and Technology, creating design blueprints that not only meet your business requirements but also your financial and operational stability constraints.  

 Our people not only have extensive experience in the entire SDLC, but also, they  have run the IT operations of complex and fast paced organizations, so we are fully aware of the importance of maintainability and support.