The problem

There is a point in which the "great conversations" and the pretty PowerPoint decks must be translated into real actions, to actually make the required changes in the way the organization operates.  

Implementing change, however, is difficult, expensive, and risky. Even more so when software is involved.

Different pieces of business logic, integrations, data, and user interfaces have to be designed, built, tested, and deployed. 

The business needs things done fast, and most people know that "quick and dirty" usually translates over time into expensive to operate and difficult to evolve, especially as those who were in the project move to other duties or other companies.

Unfortunately, this is true irrespective of whether the software is COTS or bespoke, on-prem or SaaS: Unless the component is completely disconnected from everything else (which is not the case for most business software, except perhaps for simple end user tools), these issues must be addressed. 

Our approach

Libra believes that, ruling out sheer luck, successful implementations require a strong combination of People, Processes, and Technologies.  And we also believe that we have it.   

Because we are small, we don't have people on the bench that need to be assigned to a project even though they are not the right fit.  We use our extensive network of professionals to match the best resource to your needs.   These professionals bring to your project the three attributes needed for success: experience, accountability, and know-how.    

And for those situations when you need software that is reliable, extensible, well documented, and easy to use, we have superb tools like the Decisions no-code software platform to round up your success.   


We are a Canadian distributor of Decisions, a powerful no-code software delivery platform that can drastically reduce the time to value of your initiatives.  This platform is used to analyze operational performance, automate processes, create headless integrations between applications and data sources, and create full-stack web applications. 

The platform securely handles user interactions, business rules, workflows, dashboards, and reports of any complexity and transactional volumes. Moreover, it is designed from the ground up to integrate with everything and simplify every single aspect of the SDLC, including regression tests, version management, and code deployment.  All you need on premises is a modern browser and connectivity. 

Libra is there for you all the way, helping your organization: 

With Decisions, your solutions can be implemented in incredibly short timeframes, helping you create value and credibility at the same time.  

Program Delivery

Success delivering a large change agenda requires a right combination of methodology and experience.  Unfortunately, IT Organizations seldom have the staff levels required to effectively deliver the amount of change needed by their business partners.  

Libra can become your best ally when your organization does not have enough bench strength to simultaneously execute all the initiatives that need to be delivered. 

Our professionals are well versed in project execution methodologies like Waterfall, Iterative, and Agile and have a successful track record delivering complex, multi-year initiatives in large organizations. 

You can rely on their expertise for steering, managing and delivering complex programs and projects, through all aspects of initiation, planning, staffing, execution and closure.